Christine Copenhaver—Necktie Quilts Reinvented

How many forgotten neckties do you think lay hidden in closets, drawers, attics and thrift stores? It’s impossible to know, but the number must have a lot of zeros. There is a creative solution to saving these lonely ties right under our noses, and Christine Copenhaver has found it! Rescuing these fascinating fabrics has become a venture for her–she makes quilts and table runners from them. 

Her quilts have been shown in the Paducah Quilt Museum, AQS shows and art galleries. Although many of her quilts are made of neckties, she also makes quilts with cotton and other fabrics. She is the author of Necktie Quilts Reinvented and you can view some of her work at

Christine will talk about using neckties in quilts. She’ll discuss how to handle them and techniques and tricks for deconstructing them and preparing them for use in a quilt. She will also exhibit some of her beautiful quilts using ties in their construction.