Dawn Hunter—The Stash Is Winning

Dawn Hunter has been quilting–and collecting fabrics–for about 15 years, even though she still considers herself to be something of a beginning quilter. She’s also a beginner at knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, needlepoint, beading, scrap-booking, cooking, and gardening. OK, maybe advanced at crosstitch. Kind of. An advocate for trying new things, she’s always up for the next big adventure or the next attempt at something different. She also writes the surprisingly popular column “The Stash Is Winning” for the Longmont Quilt Guild newsletter.

She writes: Despite all efforts, my stash is indeed winning. Yours might be too. We all have a stash that can range from a shoebox of scraps to a room full of every gadget imaginable and fabric galore (guess which one I have!). It doesn’t start out that way of course, but how you get there and what you do when realize you’ve arrived can be quite the adventure. Join us for an afternoon of fun and laughter; you’ll probably go home feeling much better about the condition of your own stash after hearing about mine.