QAQG Membership Information

  • Annual membership dues are $30.00 July through June.
  • Guests are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings. Guest fee is $10.00.
  • If guest decides to join mid-year, membership is $15.00 January through June.

Please contact our Membership Coordinator for more information.

Quaking Aspen Quilt Guild Membership Form

Campaign for 2020-2021 QAQG member dues comes to an end.  There was an extension for membership renewal through August 31, 2020.  

The QAQG Board is working hard to provide speakers, classes, small group activities and anything else we can think of via various on-line methods and applications available such as Zoom and Google Groups. 

As was the case last year we would welcome any additional donation above the $30.  See Enrichment for information about participating in the King Supers Reward Program.

Dues will be done entirely by mail this year.  Please complete the Member Information Form and include it with your dues.   Thank you for your membership