Quilt Challenge

Barb Gardner: Colorado Sunshine

Each year a challenge is presented for our guild members to produce a quilted piece to show at our annual meeting in April. The theme each year is different. Past challenges featured grunge fabrics, Clue characters, Alice in Wonderland, 2-color selections and John Denver Songs.


“Connections 2020”

After considering several Challenge theme ideas that were submitted by members, our Board has chosen “Connections 2020” for our 2020/2021 Guild Challenge. Several of the submitted ideas reflected concerns we have all felt during this year of Covid challenges.

“Connections 2020” encapsulates so many of those concerns. Despite these trying months, we have found ways to stay connected to one another. Faced with the absence of social gatherings and limited travel, we have formed “bubbles” and cohorts. In our guild’s spirit of generosity, many of us have sewn countless masks for others and have continued to create quilts for Outreach in the solitude of our own homes rather than at UFO gatherings.

We are a resilient bunch. Unable to physically meet for our monthly meetings, classes, and workshops, we have embraced the Zoom world, connecting virtually in ways we would not have imagined a few months ago. Rather than seeing our guild weaken, we have seen it grow stronger in our need to remain connected.

In what ways have YOU stayed connected with others this year? Consider channeling your COVID frustrations into creating a quilt that represents the importance of those connections.

We eagerly anticipate our next Challenge Reveal during our April 2021 guild meeting. If you have never participated in one of our Challenges, consider making this your year to jump in. It’s a great way to support our guild activities, and, well—connect! We encourage you to share your “Connections 2020” with our fellow members

Be sure to email your challenge photos along with a brief description by the Wednesday before the 2021 April meeting.  Email to website@quakingaspenquiltguild.org.  Photos will be added to the upcoming QAQG meeting Show & Tell and to the current month’s website gallery.